Thursday, July 25, 2013

Enjoy BIG Basket OF Fruits.

Enjoy a big basket of fruits

We eat to live and some of us live to eat. But we all eat to get the best of nutrition, taste and good health. We focus on having a wholesome diet that includes all food groups in moderation to ensure we are always in the best of health.

As we all know, fruits are extremely important when it comes to maintaining our health and we take great care in choosing and buying the right kind of fruit that best serves our nutritional needs. We follow instructions about not eating fruits after eating a full meal or ensuring they are seasonal and best in quality etc.

Now, consider your financial investments to be like your daily diet. You will need to incorporate various investment portfolios in line with your financial or nutritional needs to have a healthy financial diet best suited to your future financial health. But in addition to this diet, you will need fruits as well to make that diet more wholesome and complete and in case of your financial diet, this where just like fruits, you should consider investing in mutual funds.
Mutual Funds are like fruits and they form an important part of your financial diet. Just like fruits, they add to your financial nutrition and help you maintain a healthy outlook for the future. But most importantly, just like fruits, they offer you variety and choice in line with what you need at this current time, while also bearing in mind what your entire family needs as well.

Say you wanted to buy some mangoes this season, but no one else in your family liked mangoes. If you were clear that you wanted only mangoes and nothing else, that is what you would buy. However, if your son prefers chickoos while your daughter only eats strawberries. Your wife wants bananas, while your parents, suffering from diabetes want fruits that were not so sweets. You will then have to spend considerable time and money to choose different fruits or probably buy an assorted basket which may also include some fruits no one eats.
But what if you had the choice to tailor make your fruit basket? This is what a mutual fund is - a basket that selects and holds these financial fruits, as per your needs and those of your family in one single place at the same time, best suited for all of you. Mutual funds are a way to buy a variety of fruits (a whole bunch of stocks bundled together) rather than just mangoes (i.e., one individual stock).

While currently, mutual funds offer three varieties of fruits - Equity, Debt and Gold, they offer combinations that work at ensuring the best value in terms of being Equity (for those with the need for high risk or high sugar), Balanced (for those who want fruits that are medium in risk and return) or Debt (for those who suffer from risk diabetes and need no extra sugar). You can choose an assortment containing all three with different combinations or go with one that contains them together in desired proportions. And while, it may cost you a little more for the convenience and packaging, in the long run, the fees incurred are nominal for the choice and nutrition provided. Consider the fact that there are more than 40 mutual products available today that offer you various combinations to suit your financial needs.

Whether you are an HNI or a small investor, you can afford to have a diverse portfolio to be financially healthy at a low cost. You get exposure to several stocks through one single mutual fund, whereas otherwise you would have to buy several stocks to get the same returns. Add to that that every mutual fund fruit basket, comes packaged by a nutritionist or a fund manager who has the experience in ensuring that the basket offers you best value for money, health and nutritional returns at wholesale rates.

Remember that no food diet is complete without fruits and that mutual funds help offer that extra nutrition to your financial diet. So go ahead and ask your financial planner to help you put together your mutual fund fruit basket so that you then enjoy the fruits of your financial independence while being stress free about your financial health.


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