Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why Financial Planning?

             Financial Planning.... Your Road to Financial Freedom  

There is not a single one of us who can take life for granted. 

There are numerous uncertainties that surround us. Moreover each one of us would like to see fulfillment of our aspirations in our lifespan. There are so many things that one would like to achieve at various stages of their lives, such as buying a new car, purchasing a new house, saving for a good education of your children , annual vacations and of course ensuring a comfortable retirement. 

It would be an understatement to say that for the fulfillment of these aspirations, one needs to build a suitable corpus or accumulate appropriate wealth.

So what is stopping us from achieving these goals or creating a corpus to fulfill these dreams ? Why are we always confused, doubtful and disturb our 
peace of mind ?

There are various answers to this. Today, with each passing day the financial markets and understanding its products have become increasingly complex for an individual.  Add to it the ever rising inflation, the inability of traditional saving sources to beat inflation, increased living expenses,  spiraling health costs, unable to create a sufficient corpus  prior to retirement,  the fear of being dependent on your children and living as per their whims and fancies
 With this kind of prevalent scenario, the concept of Financial Planning becomes inevitable. 

This Planning is a critical exercise in attaining long term financial security.
It is a road map to help you achieve your life’s goals. It helps you to answer certain basic questions regarding your current financial situation, where you want to get to, what are the implications of the same and what is the best strategy that will take you there. It is the process of meeting your life’s goals through proper management of your finances.

The 5 main components of Financial Planning are :
1)    Cash Flow / Budgeting
2)    Investment Planning.
3)    Retirement Planning / Financial Goals achievement.
4)    Insurance and Risk Management.
5)    Personal Tax Planning.

We are equipped with qualified Certified Financial Planners who will chart out a road map of your personal finances in an unbiased manner and help you achieve your Financial goals for a ‘ Financially sound and independent Life ‘.

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