Thursday, August 1, 2013

Retire With Ease Even if....

                                                  Retire With Ease Even if....

.... Your income is low
Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu said the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. start investing Rs 5,000 per month and increase the amount by 10 per cent every year. If your investment earns 12 percent annually, in 32 years you will have Rs 5.15 Crore.

.....You can’t  find time
Automate your investments. Give the mandate for an ECS to invest in mutual fund or other saving instrument. No need to write cheques or fill up forms every time you want to invest. This will ensure you continue to save and your retirement fund continue to grow.

......You need a big sum
Don’d underestimate the power of compounding. Regular and disciplined investment can yield good results over the long term.A monthly investment of Rs 30,000 in an option that earn 12 per cent annually will grow to Rs 3 Crore in 20 Years.

.......You have started late
If you don’t have too many years to retire, maximize your saving by cutting down on discretionary expenses. Don’t go for high risk investment just to make up for the lost time. instead, consider postponing retirement by 2-3 years.

......You can’t monitor
You don’t have to. There are option that reset asset allocation as the investor grows older and his risk appetite comes down. So, even if you don’t know how much to invest in equities at 30 or how much to shift in debt at55, your fund will.

.... you don’t know how
Go to an Exoer for advice. A Financial Planner will tell you how and where to invest to reach your retirement target as well as other financial goals comfortably. Sure, you have to pay him,but you will realize that your is money well spent

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